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Avuna DNSD is the part of Avuna that serves domain information over the DNS protocol. It's generally used for domain nameservers.



As of now, you must compile Avuna from source for your Linux machine.


  • Git
  • pthread
  • build-essentials


  1. Clone the git repository from GitHub.
    $ git clone https://github.com/Protryon/AvunaDNSD.git
  2. Run the following commands to change into the compilation directory, prepare for compilation, and compile. (It should already be clean, but just in case we will do it anyways.) You can enable Debug mode by using 'make debug' instead of 'make all'. Use 'make nomysql' to remove Mysql support.
    $ cd AvunaDNSD/Debug/
    $ make clean
    $ make all
    $ sudo make install
  3. Run the AvunaDNSD command to start the server, and it might be a good idea to make it load on startup.


Theoretically Avuna is compatible with Mac servers, however no testing has been done.


Currently no support is offered for windows, however you may find some luck using MinGW to compile to it.


Take a look at the example configuration file on GitHub. Here is an example master zone file: master. See more on the zone file format.