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Avuna is a software suite that offers HTTP, DNS, FTP, and FCGI services. It's focus is performance-first with features coming in a close second. Naturally, it's written in low-level C.


Avuna's purpose is to deliver the same content as other servers at excellent performance even on low end hardware such as routers and high end hardware. It's also aimed at simplicity, a secure Avuna setup can be complete in minutes.

Development Stage

Avuna is a work-in-progress project. It's had almost few years of stability testing working in live, complex setups involving routing old website requests, serving wikis, blogs, and live development.


Avuna will eventually include a SMTP & IMAP server, like it did back in its Java days, along with support for less common technologies such as SSI. This project is a near-complete rewrite of the near-feature-complete Java version which has been deprecated since 2014.